Manufacturing process

The Media Wall is designed, manufactured and assembled with extreme attention to detail. Ensuring you the best quality product that will last you a lifetime with future-proof functionality and timeless aesthetics.

Our manufacturing process involves CNC laser cutting and bending, achieving  pinpoint accuracy.

Powder-coated finishes on our sub-assemblies, fortify the quality and longevity of all components.

The various front end finishing options are carefully selected from trusted leaders in the industry with regards to variety, quality and aesthetic.

Finishing options range from natural materials such as timbers and leathers to composites, including corian, synthetic stone and various others. All finishes are trimmed to perfection using the latest technology in manufacturing.

Media Wall units are finally assembled meticulously by artisans who are proud to be a part of our journey from design to manufacture and assembly and finally, into your home.

Customisation & Uniqueness
Every detail of the Media Wall can be customised to your requirements matching your style and taste.

Timeless Design & Craftmanship
The beauty in our design is its simplicity, removing the intrusion of electronics and cables into otherwise elegantly designed spaces.

The Media Wall is the first and only of it’s kind available in the décor industry.

Designed and built by the inventors of the Media Wall and our trusted artisans.

The Media Wall can be skinned to suit any space, with the myriad of options it can fulfil any and all audiovisual requirements you might have.

A personalised service from a network of interior designers and architects to help you with décor and design for the Media Wall, we offer installation and delivery services, relocation services, re-skinning and business support.

Media Wall Features

Media Wall Features

Unique, Modern, Stylish, Multi-purpose Media Wall

Unique, Modern, Stylish, Multi-purpose Media Wall

Built-in 2.1 surround sound system

Sound System controlled through television

Adjustable shelving

Device cable management

Hinged and lockable access

Various high-end cladding finishes (Wood, Leather and Corian)

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Tel: 010 005 0487   |   WhatsApp: 065 986 1887